Our Purpose


To serve those who have sacrificed so much for us. We owe it all to our veterans. That’s why any veteran will be offered employment with Amerson & Associates, which includes a training course in web design. We guarantee a job for all veterans who apply.

Our Mission


We have an epidemic of unemployed and/or homeless veterans. Our government refuses to anything to help those who sacrificed everything for us. At Amerson & Associates, we are about more than web development and design. Our goal is to employ veterans and train them with a useful, 21st century skill. Our goal is to get every veteran the opportunity to succeed.

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Web Design

We can custom build and design your WordPress site. We don’t use pre-packaged themes, but rather custom build wordpress sites from the ground up. You want your business to stand out, not blend in with the crowd. We can help you accomplish this goal, and provide you with a very impressive website. We guarantee you will love the design.



All of our sites include built in SEO support. We use industry standards to provide basic SEO support. We will never promise you results we cannot achieve.


Web Development

Sometimes you need more than a basic website. We can custom build from the ground up, hand-coding in many different languages. We can custom code using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Java. With us, you aren’t limited to a simple design. We can make your web dreams come true with any custom development.


Social Media

Don’t have time to update your social media? We can help. We offer various packages to post relevant content for you. You need to engage your customers, but you need to run your business. Let us manage your social media while you worry about your business.


Mobile Friendly

All of our designs are mobile friendly and look good on any device. In a world of mobile technology, many of your customers or clients will look at your business using a mobile device. It is crucial that your site be caught up with current technology. With our designs, you never have to worry about your site being outdated. We will consistently update it to meet market standards.



Currently, we are in the process of creating online courses to help you better understand the internet and current technologies. Sure you could dig through YouTube videos, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a local resource to reach out to for help? We are also planning to add in person seminars and classes. Stay tuned for the release!

About Us


We started in 2015 to provide quality, affordable development services. We noticed that most agencies overcharge for their products, and the quality isn’t very good. We are here to change that. We firmly believe that quality is the most important factor in building a website. We founded Amerson & Associates to provide upscale web solutions at a more affordable cost.



Our goal is to employ as many veterans as possible. Are you having trouble finding work because of income limits for VA compensation? Or are you looking for full-time employment? We can help. We offer a special program for veterans to work their own schedule. You’ve served us. Let us serve you.